Murals by Pato

Tucson mural Artist

hand painted Mural designs by pato aguilar

I am not broken

 Private residence mural, interior, size 8′ x 8′

justicia para nuestras mujeres indigenas

 Mobile mural, acrylic on vinyl, size 10′ x 14′


This floating giant turquoise snake with orange accents is Mixcoatl, the Aztec Cloud Serpent who brings rain to the desert. It summons the cycle of water as it navigates through the starry night sky of local Tucson constellations. Mural size 5.5′ x 60.7′

virgin mary mural by pato aguilar

Mucho Amor

This Virgin Mary mural was a gift for my mom and was done with lots of love. It’s nothing compared to what I wish I could give to her. In the mural, I placed our constellations in the mantle with a rich color pallet. I used Chroma Mural Paint and Liquitex. Mural size 11’ x 7′.

art love music

In collaboration with Groundworks Tucson, I was given the opportunity to paint a large section of their performance area wall right next to the stage. I really enjoyed their openness to artistic expression and the visuals I came up with during our conversations. Mural wall size 14′ x 12′.

Maria Felix, exterior wall,  private residence in Tucson, AZ

Maria felix

I presented my portfolio of mural ideas to a homeowner in Tucson who was enthusiastic to support the arts with a house mural. He chose a portrait of Maria Felix, a beautiful actress and icon representative of Mexican culture. Mural size 15′ x 7′.

Murals & Art Commissions

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