Portraits of Frida

Hilltop Gallery Nogales, AZ | August 4 - September 1, 2021

The show, titled “Portraits of Frida,” will open the new year at Hilltop with a reception from 1-4 p.m. on Sunday, Jan. 5, 2020. Abel "Pato" Aguilar’s portraits of the beloved 20th-century Mexican artist, known for her own self-portraits and love of indigenous culture and tradition, portray Kahlo in the styles of famous artists such as Vincent van Gogh and Pablo Picasso “to show facets of Frida’s life and career,” the gallery said in an announcement. “The series of portraits show Aguilar’s skill and understanding of the materials and techniques of art through the history of art expression, as well as focus on the artistic contribution of a pioneer in modern Mexican art,” in an excerpt from Nogales International