Non Timebo Mala

Galeria Mitotera Tucson, AZ | February 12 - March 2022

On March 8, 2014 I wrote in my journal "My angels are so rad, they just don't take care of me, but they carry gold AK-47s." As a Mexican-American, I was raised in the Catholic church and appreciate that it's part of my culture. I've had many experiences in life where I've connected specific numbers and times of day with spiritual guidance and divine messages from my guardian angels. The portraits in this series are inspired from what I believe my guardian angels look like. This series began with "Un Momento de Paz" prior to the pandemic in December 2019. I continued to work on the series throughout the pandemic and while sick with COVID-19 in July 2020. I believe that working on this series of guardian angels helped me survive the pandemic and continue to heal from the Coronavirus.