Pato Aguilar is a portrait artist, muralist, and fine artist based in Tucson, Arizona. Pato’s focus is on single physical beings; such as animals, fictional characters, and famous Mexican artists like Frida Khalo. Each portrait is about an individual connected, considered part of  whole universe.  By finding creative ways to communicate with symbols like numbers, pop culture, retro cartoons, outer space, tattooed gangsters, street art, and natural elements that honor nature, cultural stories, icons, and world-renowned artists throughout history.

In my artistic process, I begin by studying the symbolism of colors and the meanings of any reference imagery. I try to be as culturally appropriate as possible, paying homage to the masters before me, and learn how to incorporate the original stories into my artwork. Above all, I do it with love and respect.

Artist statement

portrait artist, muralist, & Fine Artist

Throughout history, we have experienced the positive impact that art can have in our community. Art is a universal language that helps us cross cultural barriers by providing a space for respect of the beliefs and traditions of others. It can also be a way of uniting different cultures by improving communication and sharing of those cultural ideas in the same space.

I would like to see my art have a positive impact on culture and society. My intention is to help encourage the local community  to look at the world in a new perspective; to appreciate different cultures; both past and present. Most importantly I’d like to inspire youth and the future generations.

I believe this is best accomplished in the form of public murals.  Artists are capable of communicating a story that turns one glance into a thought-provoking moment. I’d like incorporate portraits and elements of nature that portrays a positive message that people of all ages in the community can enjoy. 

“I love to connect with the local arts community, art collectors, youth, and anime enthusiasts.” – Pato Aguilar

pato aguilar painting on the floor with a skeleton t-shirt