PATO Aguilar

Tucson-based portrait artist, muralist, and fine artist

My art represents a multitude of voices and styles. From a series of self-portraits to gangster cherubs, I bring original characters to life with bold colors and intriguing symbolism. An artistic expression and spiritual journey of emotions, self-reflection, and the human condition.

Art by Pato
Made in Tucson

Fine art collection

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Retratos de Frida

Pato Aguilar honors Frida Kahlo's 111th birthday by painting her journal drawings and iconic face.


"My angels are so rad, they just don't take care of me, but they carry gold AK-47s."

Murals & Art Commissions

Thank you for your interest in my work. I am delighted to learn more about a new collaboration. Please fell free to contact me by filling out inquiry request form.